Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" (Once Upon a Time)

Ruth's grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the "evil" that the townsfolk believed she practiced. But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too. Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.

When she wasn't in the woods, Ruth was learning the trade of her father, a blacksmith, now that her brother would never return from the Crusades.

Amidst those dark days, a new man enters Ruth's life. William is a noble with a hot temper and a bad name, and he makes her shiver. But the young man is prey to his heritage, a curse placed on his family ages ago, and each male of the family has strange blood running in his veins. Now Ruth must come face-to-face with his destiny at Grandma's house. 
(Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: Another great re-telling. I loved this one. It was a good twist on the Little Red Riding Hood. I loved that the author wrote "What big teeth you have".

(Hardcover Worthy)

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