Jane and the Damned (Immortal Jane Austen, #1)
Jane Austen Novelist . . . gentlewoman . . . Damned, Fanged, and Dangerous to know.
Aspiring writer Jane Austen knows that respectable young ladies like herself are supposed to shun the Damned—the beautiful, fashionable, exquisitely seductive vampires who are all the rage in Georgian England in 1797. So when an innocent (she believes) flirtation results in her being turned—by an absolute cad of a bloodsucker—she acquiesces to her family’s wishes and departs for Bath to take the waters, the only known cure.
But what she encounters there is completely unexpected: perilous jealousies and further betrayals, a new friendship and a possible love. Yet all that must be put aside when the warring French invade unsuspecting Bath—and the streets run red with good English blood. Suddenly only the staunchly British Damned can defend the nation they love . . . with Jane Austen leading the charge at the battle’s forefront. (Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I only knew a little about Jane Austen's life but this kind of fit in with what I have heard. :) I liked the writing. I am beginning to like period stuff. Knowing a little about Austen's life I knew how the book would end but I didn't want it to, I was hoping for a twist. I grew to love the Damned. I would definitely recommend!! 

Hardcover Worthy
Feather (Feather, #1)


Estella's magical life as an orphan was never easy, and at eighteen, she is finally free. In her desperate attempt to leave the city behind and unravel her strange talents, she flees to a secluded college nestled deep in the forests of the North Cascades. It is here that she hopes to escape her painful life, and forgotten past - finding freedom, and love. (Summary from Goodreads)

Guardian (Feather, #2)


In Book Two we delve deeper into the tragic world of the eighteen year old Estella, now left to find her own way in a place that is less than forgiving of her kind. As she searches to fight for what she loves, friends she had thought she had all but forgotten return, lending her a hand where she thought none would be given. (Summary from Goodreads)

Raven (Feather, #3)


In book three, Estella and Edgar find their way back to each other, but life together as not as easy as expected. In a world that is falling apart, their love is tested, magic is uncovered, and a plot everyone seemed to hide out of fear, finally surfaces. 
Through the lies, deceit and turmoil, can love survive? Will there be a way to save their love? To save their world? (Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: Another great series. I am glad I found it. I really grew to like Edgar. He and Estella went through a lot. There were a lot of twists and turns, which I like. I had all the books so I flew through them all to see what happens to them. I really like the secondary characters too, especially Sam. He was awesome. 

Paperback Worthy



Jason races into Azazel's life--sweaty, tortured, and hunted by covert forces. Azazel is drawn to Jason. He's so complicated. She can't let anything get in the way of finding out Jason's secrets, not even her boyfriend, her friends, or her parents. Most importantly, no matter how dangerous Jason claims it is for her to be near him, she can't let him leave. (Summary from Goodreads)



Lilith's back, and she's got her eye on Jason. Jason doesn't think Azazel's new best friend Jude is really gay. Someone put a bell, engraved with a picture of the sun rising over water, in Azazel's purse. Azazel's worried, but Jason thinks she's paranoid. Jason and Azazel might be at the beach, but the clouds are rolling in. . . (Summary from Goodreads)


Azazel hasn't been able to stop having nightmares. Sometimes her boyfriend Jason is covered in blood, grinning at her like a demon. Sometimes there is a gun in her hand, and she's shooting the people she loves the most. The only way to stop the dreams is to drown them in liquor. Azazel feels like black water is closing over her head. And she doesn't know if she can breathe. (Summary from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I liked these books. They were each pretty quick reads. There was a lot of action right from the beginning. Jason and Azazel had a lot of opposition and I liked seeing how they dealt with it.  The ending is not something that I expected and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I am glad that there is another book about these two. 
Warning: There are some adult themes. 

Paperback worthy