Eyes Like Stars (Théâtre Illuminata, #1)All her world's a stage. 
Beatrice Shakespeare Smith is not an actress, yet she lives in a theater. 
She is not an orphan, but she has no parents. 
She knows every part, but has no lines of her own. 
Until now. 

Welcome to the Théâtre Illuminata, where the characters of every place ever written can be found behind the curtain. They were born to play their parts, and are bound to the Théâtre by The Book—an ancient and magical tome of scripts. Bertie is not one of them, but they are her family—and she is about to lose them all and the only home she has ever known. 

Lisa Mantchev has written a debut novel that is dramatic, romantic, and witty, with an irresistible and irreverent cast of characters who are sure to enchant the audience.  (Summary from Goodreads)

My Review: At first I was confused as to what was going on in this book. I didn't get all the theater lingo. But I got over that pretty quick and couldn't put it down. I liked the characters and getting to know Bertie. I can't wait to read the second one!! 

(Hardcover Worthy)
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