Page (Protector of the Small, #2)"Ladies have no place bearing arms..." say many in the kingdom of Tortall. Of course, that hasn't stopped Keladry of Mindelan from pursuing her dream of becoming a knight. 

In this second book of the "Protector of the Small" quartet, Kel's hardships continue as she fights the prejudices that come with being a girl while maintaining the rigorous training of a page. Kel's skills aren't the only things that are developing. Her feelings for her best friend, Neal, are a very uncomfortable way. Luckily, Kel has some new allies, including an ugly but lovable dog and an abused young woman whom she teaches self-defense. She also discovers a new talent when a group of pages is trapped by bandits and suddenly the other pages must call on the only "lady" to lead them. (Summary from Goodreads)

My Review: A great sequel! I still like the feisty little Kel. She is a great protagonist. I love that she teaches the boys that girls can do most the things they do as well. I can't wait to read Squire.

(Paperback Worthy)
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